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Default Re: The SUPERIOR Spider-Man - Part 1

Originally Posted by Doc Ock View Post
Big Time Ultimate Collection

Kraven's Last Hunt

Ultimate Spider-Man Ultimate Collection

These are just some, I'm quite behind and all over the place in Spidey comics myself. But the Ultimate Collections Marvel has out there is a lot of bang for your buck.
Thanks for the suggestions. I'd thought about reading Ultimate but I'm a bit apprehensive since quite a few people seem to hold it in low regard. Eh, who knows, I may end up liking it so I'll try the first collection.

Originally Posted by Mr. Dent View Post
You should give Superior a chance it's actually pretty good.

And as for older stories, The Death of Jean DeWolf, Spider-Island, Maximum Carnage, and Ends of the Earth are all pretty good off the top of my head. I'd also suggest reading JMS' entire run, which was pretty good with the exception of The Other, that horrible and disgusting Sins Past storyline, and of course, One More Day.
I may end up giving Superior a chance but I'm gonna try some other things that appeal to me more. Again though, thank you for the suggestions.

Originally Posted by Vid Electricz View Post
Nope. You're good!


...But seriously
Yes, seriously.

Originally Posted by Thwip! View Post
I've always enjoyed the series that was Spider-Man's Tangled Web

A lot of my other recommendations have already been mentioned
Tangled web?? I'll have to look that one up...which universe is that from? Amazing?

Originally Posted by Themanofbat View Post
Get the 11 editions of Essential Spider-Man... covers you to ASM #1 to past #200...

Is essential the same thing as the Marvel Masterworks? Cause I've got several of those and I think the last issue I read through was #160 something. It's been awhile, I'll have to check to remember.

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