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Default Re: Speculation: Lineup for Avengers 2

Is it so unlikely that Hawkey and BW leaves, or at least play only minor roles? I mean, there's a limit to how many heroes they can juggle in one movie.. In A1, Hawkeye was a mute enemy for most of the film, and didn't really have much to say in the third act either. Same sort of goes for BW; she was kind of just here, as a glorified SHILD agent. And Thor came in pretty late.

I don't see them having much more than six on the team in one film, really. And the two pre-mentioned one are obviously(?) the first to go, if we're going to switch anyone out for some fresh meat.

I don't know if any info about whether Ant-Man will be in A2 has been released, but I hope he will. Would have a huge impact on the success of the solo film.

So, big four + Hank and Janet?

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