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Default Re: Someone please explain why....

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
Just because it's cut and dry doesn't mean the ending should've been more than what it really is. I feel people overthink with Inception so much that they're looking beyond what we see on film sometimes just because we're dealing with a director like Chris Nolan.
Anno, with all due respect I have to disagree (although yes, some people overthink themselves off a cliff with wild theories). The ending was meant to be ambiguous, Nolan said so himself:

“There can’t be anything in the film that tells you one way or another because then the ambiguity at the end of the film would just be a mistake,” he says. “It would represent a failure of the film to communicate something. But it’s not a mistake. I put that cut there at the end, imposing an ambiguity from outside the film. That always felt the right ending to me."
The reason Nolan has the reputation he does and people love to analyze his work is precisely because he does things like that, and he admits it right there that he knew exactly what he was doing. He wanted people to think "beyond the film". But of course, we are also free to not look beyond the film and just take it at face value.

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