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Default Re: MxDC Vs ~ The NOW 52 - Part 2

Marvel x DC #1
WolfCypher (Creator) • The Corpulent One (Authorized)
Variant Votes by DOCKER 2.0, BLACKVULCAN, OBI-RON, runawayboulder, & THE MIGHTY THOR
Sketch Variants by BIGSAMS50 & PemLam
Digital Variants by DUKE, chiefchirpa, & flash13
Typeface Variants by ROUGEDK & CANARYFAN
Blank Cover by SPECTRE313
• THIS IS IT! The greatest era of the HYPE! starts here!
MWF vs Pale Rider! With EVERYTHING on the line!
• The devastating secret of Yodaman!
• Who is...hops?!!
lixdexia is kind of a dick.
• And a major death, so shocking, so out of nowhere, that will change the HYPE! forever...ANUBIS dies!!! True Believer!
• Special appearances by Didio, Loeb, and Liefeld! Guest-starring Wolverine and Batman!
7 PGS./Rated SEXY …41 Euros


Round 1693 - 1700
Ka-Zar x Travis Morgan
Emma Frost x Raven
Namor x Silver Surfer
Kesley Grammer's Beast x Nicholas Hoult's Beast
Ghost Rider x Lobo
Wolverine x Nightwing
Night of the Owls x Death of the Family
Marvels x Justice

Round 1701 - 1747
Green Goblin x The Joker
Nova (Richard Rider) x Tim Drake (Pre-New 52)
Green Goblin x Sabretooth
Kitty Pryde x Nightwing
Eternals x New Gods
Eternals x Inhumans
Infinity Gauntlet x The Great Darkness Saga
Secret Wars x Infinity Gauntlet
Doctor Doom x Lex Luthor
Jean Grey x Donna Troy
Scarlet Witch x Zatanna
Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes x Young Justice/Invasion
Young Justice/Invasion x Green Lantern: The Animated Series
Spectacular Spider-Man x Young Justice/Invasion
The Phantom Stranger x The Spectre
The Hulk x Hawkman
Wrecker x Giganta
Speedball x Static
The Spot x Clock King
Razor Fist x Copperhead
Lady Deathstrike x Cheshire
Doctor Doom x The Fantastic Four
Luke Cage x Black Lightning
Elektra x Cheshire
Professor Mendel Stromm x Professor Emil Hamilton
Iron Fist x Green Arrow
The Professor x Mr. Fixit
Talon x Batwing
The Huntress x Stephanie Brown
Iron Man x Magneto
Black Cat x The Huntress
The Vision x Martian Manhunter
The Vision x Ultron
Ultron x Lex Luthor
Kang the Conqueror x Brainiac
"Wonder Woman" x "Green Lantern: First Flight"
Carnage x The Parasite
Luke Cage x Cyborg
Luke Cage x Black Panther
Black Panther x Black Canary
Storm x Green Arrow
Kate Bishop x Cassandra Cain
Daken x Damien Wayne
Emma Frost x Star Sapphire
The Punisher x Midnighter
Mystique x Talia Al Ghul
John Constantine x Jesse Custer

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