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Default Re: Stand Alone & Spin-Off Star Wars movies...what would you like to see get made?

Originally Posted by James View Post
I'm not sure they can ignore Mara Jade completely. Even if they don't give her a major role, she'll probably be there in some small way. It seems pretty unlikely the film folks will write off the EU that much, change a few little things here and there sure...but outright remove such a huge part of Luke's character post-ROTJ? I don't see it.
I think that they will at least keep the EU mostly intact up until the New Jedi Order era. Stuff like the Thrawn Trilogy and Dark Empire are great supplements to the post-ROTJ era. They provide great insight as to how the New Republic works, how Han and Leia's kids were born, and whatnot.

But once they hit the New Jedi Order and Legacy stuff...too much going on there, I think it will be completely discarded. I doubt Disney doesn't want to explain that Chewbacca is dead or how Darth Cadeus killed Luke's wife. I'm pretty sure they would like to use those characters in the Sequel Trilogy. And I think it will be too hard to fit the events of the Sequel Trilogy into the events of the New Jedi Order and Legacy stories.

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