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Originally Posted by Showtime View Post
Bingo. Although it is only one critic, when you weigh both of them against each other. Critic for me. That being said, it is only one critic.
Of course, it is only one critic, but the person who reported the critic's opinion also seemed to indicate the general reaction to Cavill's performance was mixed at best. While all of this should be taken with a huge mound of salt at this time, it's understandable why some people here would be worried. Cavill's recent projects (reaction to his performance in Immortals was mixed, CLOD was largely negative) have instilled little confidence in his acting talent. As a result, these latest reports seem to confirm a lot of earlier suspicions and concerns.

Since Man of Steel is supposed to be a modern reinvention of Superman that revitalizes the public's interest in the character, Cavill's interpretation of the character is arguably integral to its success. Even isolated criticisms like this carry lots of weight given how little WB is showing of Man of Steel. I have to admit, I'm a little apprehensive because I found the early negative reviews and criticisms of TDKR that others bashed and dismissed to be incredibly reflectively of my own appraisal of the movie.

However, as you said Showtime, we shouldn't put too much weight in such little information. Personally, after all the criticism Brandon Routh got as being a bland and wooden Superman who was nothing more than Christopher Reeve lookalike, I have a hard time believing that Warner Bros. didn't test the hell out of Cavill and make sure they had the right man for the job.

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