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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 8

Originally Posted by DyeLorean View Post
I do understand, I'm a graphic designer. But I know when they go on autopilot mode and make everything look the same.
In fact, that's one of the problems with the poor photoshop art works of lately. Trying to put everything together, 'all-in-your-face' type of poster.
I do like the posters for Iron Man 3, however. Tony falling upside down was clever and different.
And the one with all the armors in the back was nice too.
I just wish graphic designers could think a little outside the box, that's all.
Im a graphic designer as well... And if you've taken a class on marketing than you'd know and understand that they're trying to sell a film and make each poster cohesive (not stand alone works of art) as a graphic designer your job in a case like this is to not confuse the audience (by making them cohesive) and to get more butts in the seats. Not make unique pieces. Marketing is a whole other ball game than simply being an artist.

I do it all the time at work, making sacrifices for art for practicality and reaching a wider audience.

These are also just secondary posters. Not the primary ones representing the film in its entirety. (like the armory poster)

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