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Originally Posted by Showtime View Post
I don't personally think Routh, Cavill, or Welling are what you would call good actors. I also didn't think Reeve was all that great, but by default he drinks all three of their to speak. My opinion.

I think the thing we have to realize is we aren't really considered "the public interest". WB/DC already has us in their pockets. They know that. They need the general public to care about Superman, while although the logo is still everywhere, the general public is more in tune with Wolverine, Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Batman on screen.

So I think where the general public starts really becoming aware is the TV Spots. Superman Returns didn't air the first TV Spot until May 12th, film came out on June 28th right? Jack The Giant Slayer's first tv spot aired on or around January 23rd. My guess is that Warner Bros starts television spots the first or second week of April, although like others said, could be March.
Bingo. And all reports of the film indicate that there will be plentiful action. As long as marketing is decently good April-June, the film will be fine. I am very hopeful that the 3rd trailer will have alot of money shots to appeal to the average moviegoer.

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