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Default Re: The ‘Batman’ Casting Thread

Originally Posted by Rorschach2012 View Post
Maybe because that's the way hes been portrayed in literally every appearance of Batman in comics and other media...? Why change his race for the hell of it? So pointless when there are tons of white actors that look the part and would knock the role out of the park.

The Nick Fury comparison doesnt make sense. Nick Fury is black in the Ultimate Universe, so the Avengers film is based on the comics. Batman isn't ever black, it would go against every incarnation of Batman...and for nothing. Idris Elba as Batman is not a good idea. wtf
But black Nick Fury in the Ultimate universe goes against every incarnation of Nick Fury prior....

The ultimate universe is not canon to the 616 universe, the same way the films aren't canon to DC's Earth-0 universe.

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