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Default Re: The TDKR General Discussion Thread - - - - - - - - - - - Part 143

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
There's no reason for anyone to think that because the ACTUAL reason is spelled out in the movie:

Gordon: "We were in this together. Then you were gone"
Bruce: "The Batman wasn't needed any more. We won"

Rachel never came into the Batman equation. If you're talking about why did he give up on life as Bruce Wayne, they do hammer the Rachel point home more than anything else on that score.

Alfred: "You hung up your cape and your cowl but you never moved on. You never went to find a life. To find someone"
Bruce: "Alfred, I did find someone"
Alfred: "I know, and you lost 'em. But that's all part of living. But you're not living. You're just waiting around hoping for things to go bad again"
And that line says a lot about how messed up Bruce's obsession with Rachel was. The truth is he didn't find someone, he fixated on someone he already knew, someone who in his mind represented the last pure untainted vestige of his childhood innocence before his parents murder. Not exactly the same thing as "finding" someone. His death wish undoubtedly stems in part from some misguided desire to be reunited with his "beloved" Rachel in death - the irony of course being that she didn't really love him.

Alfred: "You used to talk about finishing. About a life beyond that awful cave"
Bruce: "Alfred, Rachel died knowing we had decided to be together. That was my life beyond the cave. I can't just move on. She didn't. She couldn't"
This scene always stuck out to me for the way Bruce comes off as this whiny child who's being told to go to bed and doesn't want to - and on top of that is told that Santa Claus does not exist. He's very emasculated in that scene, which is actually fitting with Nolan's decidedly non-Bat-God take on the character.

Can't get more clear than that. Facts are facts. The energy project sounds like something he tried to bury himself in as an alternative to helping the city since he wasn't needed as Batman any more. When that fell through he just threw in the towel altogether.
I would agree the energy project feels like something he tried to fill the void in his life left by not being Batman - just as I would agree that his depression stemmed from equal parts being a warrior without a war, guilt from not handling the Joker situation better and no longer having the object of his unhealthy romantic obsession around to pine over.

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