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Default Re: Star Trek Into Darkness - Part 4

J.J. Abrams Talks Klingons and Carol Marcus in Star Trek Into Darkness

A few new additions from the Star Trek mythos will be appearing in the this summer's Star Trek Into Darkness. Both the Klingons and Doctor Carol Marcus will debut in the film and director J.J. Abrams spoke with MTV about their roles.

Though a scene was shot for 2009's Star Trek featuring the Klingons that didn't make the final cut, they're making a comeback in a big way in this film.

"Their role in this is definitely that of adversary," Abrams teased, "and you'll see how that plays out."

It's been expected by many that Alice Eve's character Carol Marcus will play a love interest to Chris Pine's Captain Kirk, but (while it may happen) Abrams confirms that the film won't slow down to squeeze in a love story.

"(Kirk) meets her fairly early on and again she plays a science officer, she's someone who is a part of the adventure. I think Chris is right, because it's very much an action adventure movie and once that gets going it's a very difficult thing to park the story. So it's very difficult to do a romantic interlude. Her role is important, she wouldn't be in the movie otherwise."

"Benicio Del Toro is up-and-coming...and this (movie) could be his breakthrough role."

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