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Originally Posted by Naite22 View Post
Don't mean to push my luck, but that's just it. Why reporters and critics? I can understand cast/crew/studio and such. But why the reporters/critics? Why do they get to see it 4 months in advance, if they can't talk about it at all until the movie opens anyways? Just curious.
To create a buzz within the industry, maybe the reporter(s) or critic(s) are in the studio's pocket, or the studio's think they are. There is a large number of reasons why a studio or might or might not do this. Even the advanced screenings for press are sometimes over a month in advance. The Les Mis screening was in late November for me and you couldn't talk about the film until Christmas. They put embargo's on it, as I mentioned previously. For Dark Knight rises the original email said you could not bring a guest and if you brought a phone it would be confiscated.


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