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Default Re: 2012/2013 NBA thread: My Team is Better Than Your Team! - Part 2

Lakers need to trade Dwight. Not only is he a gigantic man-child and doesn't have the competitive mentality needed to enforce his will as a center, he's not the type of big man that's going to get you a championship. They keep talking about how he's going to be the cornerstone of the franchise going forward like that's a good thing. We've seen what it takes to make Dwight effective and it sucks too much out of everyone else's game and is just not going to work with any other dynamic player on the floor. Either Dwight's performance is going to suffer or the wing player's is going to suffer. The thing about Shaq was that he was a real, dominate big man who went to work in the post almost exclusively. Dwight is not going dominate the post like that and is much more of a P&R big man. This is why Andrew Bynum would be better if not for his knees and effort.

Back to the point though, the Lakers are making a huge mistake in building around Dwight. The best they can do is Orlando 2.0.

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