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I'm not getting into the Batman paralells argument again cause we'll never agree on that.

But on Cage. Just because Keaton worked as Batman doesn't mean Cage would've worked for Superman. You only have to have seen so many Nic Cage films to know he's not the right for Superman, all the Superman before be it Kirk Alyn, George Reeves, Chris Reeve, Dean Cain, Tom Welling, Henry Cavill, Brandon Routh etc all looked like Superman. Different versions sure but they had specific looks. Cage who even though is 6 foot tall doesn't have the build or the face of a Superman. Now Keaton didn't need the face or build of a Bruce Wayne cause for him to become Batman he wore a mask. You only have to go back and watch Cage's films to see how he wasn't a fit for Superman, the guy is talented don't get me wrong but he doesn't display the right kind of confidence needed for Superman, something all previous Superman actors had. Let's not forget the fact that the guy looked ridiculous in the suits we've seen the pictures. The fact is he wouldn't have been Sueran he'd have been Nic Cage playing Superman and the most important thing when you see Superman is he looks like he's stepped straight out if the comics.

Now if you think he'd have been fine then that's OK your opinion and Cage isn't a bad actor but in my opinion he was wrong for Superman.

This one was t so bad but he just doesn't look right:

This one was just awful:

On the film though WBs obviously went with Wild Wild West which was a mega flop but they had Will Smith who was and still is massive at the BO so you can't blame them for choosing Wild over this but I suppose looking back they might aswell have cause even if it had been a flop Wild was anyway.

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