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Default Re: The SUPERIOR Spider-Man - Part 1

Originally Posted by UltimateWebhead View Post
Is essential the same thing as the Marvel Masterworks? Cause I've got several of those and I think the last issue I read through was #160 something. It's been awhile, I'll have to check to remember.
The Essentials are black & white reprints of ASM... but they are cheap... about 20 bucks for about 20 to 25 issues... I think it's up to vol. 11... and covers up to ASM #248...

The MasterWorks are hard-covered coloured versions of ASM and covers only 10 issues of ASM but they are closer to $50 in cost... they are up to volume 14... and covers up to ASM #142

I basically have both... as well as the original comics, so it's not a big deal to me, but cost can be a factor to some people...

You get more bang for your buck with the Essentials, but at the cost the colouring...

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