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Default Re: Official X-FORCE Discussion Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by Havok83 View Post
Im hoping one of those chicks murder him. Spiral looks like she could get the job done and not care
I love Bishop. he was/is my favorite X-Man. He can be redeemed. It was irresponsible writers who ruined him for no good reason but to shoehorn in a one note character.

Originally Posted by Havok83 View Post
Ive only read the first 2 issues but I love him so yeah I care. Wish I had more time to read more books but as it stands, All New X-men has been the only X book Ive been following consistently the last few months.
Cable is cool. If only they wouldn't have made him turn out to be baby nathan Summers all growed up..and then growed some more. How old is he, 120?


White-washing the X-Men one minority at a time

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