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Default Re: Official X-FORCE Discussion Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by OutcryX View Post
I love Bishop. he was/is my favorite X-Man. He can be redeemed. It was irresponsible writers who ruined him for no good reason but to shoehorn in a one note character.

Cable is cool. If only they wouldn't have made him turn out to be baby nathan Summers all growed up..and then growed some more. How old is he, 120?
to be honest, I had no interest in Cable when he was originally created by Liefield as this militant future soldier. Making him Nathan Summers added alot to his backstory and made him more appealing. I think it was one of the better things done to his character and made complete sense. As for his age, I would say he was like late 50s pre-Messiah Complex, but after spending 17 years in the future with Hope, he's probably closer to early to mid 70s (Yikes!). I cant recall if he's been de-aged along the way bc he is old and shouldnt be moving the way he is without breaking a hip

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