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Default Re: The TDKR General Discussion Thread - - - - - - - - - - - Part 143

Originally Posted by Anita18 View Post
More thoughts:

In TDK, Joker tells Batman that society will shun him when they don't need him anymore. This is partly true, but it's all because of Batman's own doing. In TDKR, we see that the mayor and Foley hate Batman, because he's the "SOB that killed Harvey Dent." It's not because he's a vigilante. In fact, many still view him as a heroic figure and are delighted at his return.
I just wish there was something to show this on a more grand scale between Batman's return and when Bane broke the Bat, such as a press conference from the mayor saying the GCPD will bring down the murderous Batman, or maybe to counteract the press conference, have some people say how much they need Batman.

I get the second hour and what not had to have some somber tone to it, so I didn't mind as much if the citizens didn't talk about Batman or wonder where he was, as we had enough during the scene changes between Gotham and the Pit, but while Bruce returned the first time as Batman, I think that's the biggest problem in TDKR in that the return isn't acknowledged enough. And even with the IMAX time restraint for TDKR, the film still had 30 seconds to spare and that could've been used properly.

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