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Default Re: Discussion: The REPUBLICAN Party XIV

Originally Posted by Bathead View Post
I have yet to see these so-called job creators do any such thing. All the tax breaks these people have been operating under these past few years since the Bush era, and the job rate has done nothing but decline. The so-called "job -creators" concept is a myth. Thes folks have been taking these tax-breaks and putting them in their pockets and not investing them in the jobs market like they claimed they would.
Well, small businesses are the job creators, that is kind of obvious. BUT, they will hire those people if they know that the future deems they will need them. The future is so up in the air right now, because all they see happening over the past few years are things that take more and more money out of their pocket, and our economy is not even growing at 1%, it is actually less than that. It needs to be growing at at least 3% we would like 4%. So they are holding on to their money...I don't blame them. NOW, did the tax breaks help them? apparently not, but Obama now owns this economy...what happens now he is held accountable for....Bush has had his time. He screwed it up as well, but his time of being the "holder of all things wrong is this world..." are now gone. Good luck to Obama, its all his now.


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