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Default Re: Official X-FORCE Discussion Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by OutcryX View Post
I love Bishop. he was/is my favorite X-Man. He can be redeemed. It was irresponsible writers who ruined him for no good reason but to shoehorn in a one note character.
Bishop was always one of my favorites as well. I honestly didn't mind that they had him go against Cable for the fate of Hope, I hate that they made him go nuts to do it. His shooting Xavier could have been explained away, as he was aiming at Cable and shot Xavier by accident. His wanting to kill the child was horrible but it was just the whole, "would you kill a baby Hitler to save all those who died horribly in WWII?" and I think that's fine. He's always had that edge and could be redemed from it.

It's when he went into the future and started killing EVERYONE to save everyone's life. That's when he just went ape-nuts villain. It was crazy and freaking stupid. Having him lose an arm and an eye to look more like Cable was just annoying and I hope they've found a way around that now.

Fix the character and move forward, Marvel. Please do not continue this rediculous plot. Blah!

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