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Default Re: Discussion: The REPUBLICAN Party XIV

Originally Posted by wiegeabo View Post
Small voting power.

HUGE financial power.

Especially when it comes to political donations and lobbying.

And, the sad thing is, the people just let them get away with. Instead of exercising their collective power.
I have absolutely no problem making special legislation for actual small businesses(something like special breaks on the first million of profit) but the problem for me is it just seem like the Republicans so called love for the small businessman is they want those special breaks to apply to all businesses whether they make 100k or 1 billion(as if that 1 Billion dollar business needs that special tax break and they will magically use it to create more jobs)

I do agree though it is huge financial power when you look at the top end of business who pump money into the message. All that being said to be constantly talking about business(small or otherwise) and what is good for them is bound to turn of some people who don't own a business and say what are you going to do that will benefit me. Now you may fear some of those who feel that if you don't give a tax break to the business they work for they might shut down or move, but for people who are comfortable in their job it's a meaningless message that makes the Republican party seem out of touch with the regular joe(given the amount of time they push it compared to other issues)

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