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Default Re: Do you think Fox will/should make a Silver Surfer film?

Originally Posted by YoungPrime View Post
I don't think segregation is the solution at least as far as the FF forum is concerned anyway...

Not long ago I was in a discussion in the FF forum with some of the more level headed FF supporters who don't really care who makes the film just hopes that it's good. Which I can respect that (somewhat) When out of nowhere came one of the more vile FOX supporters who'll troll you then suck up to the mod in charge once he's pulled you into a flame war with him. Thus shutting you or the thread down in the end. Which was usually his goal to begin with...

But this time his actions backfired. Kelly saw his comments for what they were and quickly checked this individual.

Plus there's a "There is still hope the FF will revert" thread in the section as well. So it's not really a FOX Haven as much as it is a "Marvel property" forum. As it should be IMO. Yet a dislike for FOX is seen as dislike for X-men and Wolverine for some twisted reason in other forums.

But till proven otherwise, I think this and the FF forum are a lot less oppressive than others.
So, in effect they're really aren't people (rather the vile Fox supporters you speak of) that feel valiantly that Fox did no wrong and trash the MCU just to start a flame war? And these debates are just to get under peoples skin and they have no real opinions supporting their views?

Shame.. You live, you learn to then ignore..

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