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Default Re: Stand Alone & Spin-Off Star Wars movies...what would you like to see get made?

Originally Posted by Jedi-Spirit View Post
These are thing you may want to see, but what about mass appeal? They will stick with the basic outline of the other movies...mark my words...Look at your James Bond movies, they have stuck with the formula thru 20+ movies, this won't change either...
going off mass appeal is a marketing technique not something film makers should use. What I'm saying is an Obi-Wan movie where he just says screw it and leaves who he believes to be their "last hope", wouldn't be the right direction to go. I agree if they made an Obi-Wan movie most likely he'd be running around the galaxy, however that probably wouldn't be the best way to go. Not to mention usually the films that stand out the most in a series or even a genre are the ones that break formula.

On a side note I do whole hearted agree with you however on your point about the EU fans fooling themselves. Most likely they're just gonna toss it. If they used Mara Jade or Jacen Solo it'd be a lose lose situation. The casual fans won't care about who they are and the EU fans will be annoyed if they aren't what they had in mind. It'd be the prequels all over again, I'm not real big on those movies, but theres tons of people that say everything in them is wrong with the soul justification that it's not what they had in mind. Best route is to start from scratch and maybe borrow weapons or planets.

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