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Default Re: What villain should be pulling Winter Soldier's strings?

What about the Corporation with ties to Hydra?

WWII ends the allies divide up the assets. Russia moves in and discovers Hydra research on the Winter Soldier project started by Zemo. In the years that follow Bucky acts as an agent for Russia under Zemo, until something happens, and he goes into hiding, coma, stasis, or some other comic appropriate time delay. After the cold war and Russia's fall, Hyrdra reforms as the Corporation run by Lukin, the same as the SSR becomes SHEILD. The Corporation could even have holdings which include AIM as a public front (hence IM3). Following the events of the Avengers Lukin finds out Cap is back and revives the Winter Soldier project. They could also introduce Veda as a contrast to Carter.

The questions are though: What's the villians motivation now that the cube is safely in Odin's Vault? Why get Cap involved? What's the next big thing in the Marvel Universe that could bring back the Skull or motivate something?

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