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Default Re: Rick "Motherf***in" Grimes Thread

Originally Posted by Monsieur Xavier View Post
The phone talk, the ghost wife, him sweeting and hallucinating like someone on an acid bad trip when Hershel eyes were begging him to get hold of himself. He is the leader after all, his people can't rely on a mad man.
That's one of the things I find really interesting about Rick. He's the leader of the group, but he's not a robot. A lot of the choices he's made has put so much weight on him that it's bound to fall at some point.
The ghost wife is the "worst" part but maybe because I don't understand the reason yet/
He can't let her go. Their relationship was strained severely, and he wasn't able to make things right before she died. Both his children have no mother, and from what I gather, he thought of her as his rock.
Originally Posted by Scar Predator View Post
He's a cop, so it stands to reason that he would also have some type of unarmed training. Your point about lack of proper nutrition and poor sleep is valid; I'm sure the entire group feels run down and weakened to various degrees.
Like I said before, if you look at past episodes, he's done pretty well with fending off walkers and killing them quickly with only his knife.
Yet it doesn't make sense to me that he freaked out against the gate instead of some police academy-honed sense of preservation taking over.
Not only did he have to watch out for walkers, but for people trying to shoot at him. It's happened to soldiers in wars, so this happening shouldn't be so shocking.

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