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Default Re: Someone please explain why....

Inception's ending is a whole different animal. It's a most ambiguous ending. I think The Dark Knight Rises, to me, is open-ended. That's my view on it. Blake could just as easily be partner to Batman, as well as his successor. Alfred's fantansy was HIS fantasy: Quit it, marry, have kids, blah blah. Now, it's clear that Blake can't work with the police anymore, so that's that; he quits the force. Enter the Batcave, and the assumed discovery of The Batman's arsenal and -cut and fade to black-that's cut and dry. Bruce's destiny is his own choosing (or the audience's in this case) because you simply see him on the table with Selina. That's all we have, and it's open to debate. I'm not trying to impose my view here, merely explaining it. Let's not get our ourselves in a pickle here. Peace.

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