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Default Re: The SUPERIOR Spider-Man - Part 1

Originally Posted by Mr. Dent View Post
Not sure where you're reading. Most people love Ultimate. Probably the best Spidey title of the last two decades honestly.
Eh, to be honest I'm not sure where I've been reading either. I have seen people make comments about the lack of certain elements from the Ultimate series with the portrayal of the villains to be one of the bigger downers.

Originally Posted by Mr. Dent View Post
Um, there are a lot of pros. A fresh take on Spider-Man, one that's not bogged down in 40 years of continuity and is designed to be more modern. The characters are likable and Peter's relationships are told in much greater detail than the beginning of the 616 universe. The pacing is good and Bendis just delivers an overall great experience. The book is also more daring than the 616 books.

The cons, well...I guess some stories are more boring than others. Overall it's just a really fun comic though.
Cool. Thanks man. I ordered the Ultimate Collection volume 1 on Amazon. It should be here in a couple of days and I'll hopefully like it.

Originally Posted by Themanofbat View Post
The pros would be decent art for the first 110 issues...

The cons are simply boring stories and IT'S NOT SPIDER-MAN!!!!

Having said that, I've grown a little fond of Miles since the Spider-Men mini...

Why isn't it Spider-man?? (<--- serious question)

Originally Posted by Themanofbat View Post
The Essentials are black & white reprints of ASM... but they are cheap... about 20 bucks for about 20 to 25 issues... I think it's up to vol. 11... and covers up to ASM #248...

The MasterWorks are hard-covered coloured versions of ASM and covers only 10 issues of ASM but they are closer to $50 in cost... they are up to volume 14... and covers up to ASM #142

I basically have both... as well as the original comics, so it's not a big deal to me, but cost can be a factor to some people...

You get more bang for your buck with the Essentials, but at the cost the colouring...

I guess I have all the Masterworks then...for some reason I thought they went beyond #142. The Essentials sound like a good buy for me. I'm not much into comic collecting, I'd rather just have the stories to read and enjoy, so I'll probably just pick up the Essentials from somewhere around #142 and go up to #248 eventually.

Originally Posted by Vid Electricz View Post
The first few arcs of Ultimate are great, (like the first 4) then it goes really downhill both writing-wise and artwork-wise.

I'll just say what everyone else seems to be saying- Just buy the Essential volumes from 1-200 and you'll be set.

Originally Posted by socool View Post
Wait...are we suggesting good stories or...?

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