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Default Re: What villain should be pulling Winter Soldier's strings?

I'd like to see Zemo and Zola runing things,
but I've also been thinking....

If they can pull it off and make her intimidating, I could totally see Sin as running Hydra with Crossbones as her right hand man, and Zola as the brains. Here's why I wouldn't necessarily mind that idea:

-First female Big Bad in a Marvel movie, we needs variety
-Keeps Red Skull's legacy front and center
-Twisted love/relationship with Crossbones
-she could eventually get her face removed like in the comics, after all, Red Skull's look was one of the best things in the last movie, and Cap doesn't really have the coolest looking bad guys

I'm still hopeful for Zemo, but I wouldn't be surprised if Marvel wanted to go with a little more estrogen-filled evil this time around

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