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Thumbs up Re: Sly Cooper 4 anyone?

"Finished" Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time (Sly 4). What a blast! Will try for the Platinum trophy now. The game felt like they took the best parts of the previous three games and worked that into the game. So while it's not the innovative jump that was Sly 1 to Sly 2, nor is it as difficult, it's still the second best Sly game to me...and it's not made by Sucker Punch. Sly 3 felt at times like a party mini-game collection, as though Sucker Punch used up most of their best ideas in Sly 2. They later made the Infamous games, which I got bored with more than a third through the first game and never finished it.

SC:TiT is divided into a prologue section, 5 hub maps, and an epilogue mission. The main style of play is a platformer. Sly and most of his ancestors primary attack weapon is a cane. Carmelita uses a shock pistol. Bentley uses his wheelchair to attack using spins or throwing bombs. Murray uses his fists, slams the ground, or throws nearby objects or enemies. There are other attacks, some of which are purchased by acquiring coins. Sly himself acquires 5 different costumes, all with unique gameplay elements such as slowing time or archery. The game also employs stealth mechanics so that enemies do not detect you.

There are lots of collectibles. Finding all the clue bottles gain you access to the hub world's safe, which contains a special object that for example boosts the number of coins that are dropped or reduces the damage you take (the latter of which makes the game even easier). There are treasures you find that you have to race back to the hideout (with a timer) and test your platforming skills. There are the very hard to find Sly masks. The trophies have a good variety to them from the more difficult--completing certain mini-games perfectly to completing other conditions, such as playing as Carmelita and shooting a lot of prehistoric penguins with your shock pistol. That was an odd but amusing one.

The game involves time travel, but don't expect Primer here. It's a not very serious take on it and serves as an excuse to play as Sly's ancestors as well as the hub world settings. Following in the footsteps of Sly 2, there is betrayal, as the Penelope character reveals her true nature after being both a villain and an ally in Sly 3. Sly rescues most of his ancestors and defeats the various villains who are allied with Le Paradox, the skunk mastermind behind the erasure of Sly's ancestors' historic exploits. It follows a formula, but it packs so much charm and humor at parts that it's easily forgiven. More western-developed games need this, particularly outside of the low-budget or indie space. The visuals are great, as the game runs at 60 frames-per-second in most cases on the PS3, though certain hub worlds tax their engine. The music might very well be the best IMO in the series, though it's been years since I've listened to the old soundtracks. There's a secret ending to the game from what I've heard for getting all the trophies, so I'm onto getting there now.

Complaints I have are that it is easier than the previous 3. In the instances of the mini-games, this is a good thing, but I wish the platforming and combat were more difficult and robust outside of the mostly very great boss battles and going for the platinum trophy. The last boss battle is underwhelming. The combat needs more defensive moves besides simply running away. The game is also unfortunately pretty linear, only rarely do you have the choice of playing two new separate story missions in an order you choose, though you can replay past missions or simply venture out into the hub world and explore for clue bottles, coins, treasures, and masks.

I hope there isn't a 7+ year wait for the next game, I wouldn't mind a 3 years wait from now, if it's seen again. The game's price dropped recently at Best Buy and Amazon to $30, and with you get both the PS3 and PS Vita version. I have zero regrets at getting it for $40. If not seen again then I hope Sony has a new cartoony platform with a similar charm and spirit behind it. It totally bums me out that this genre isn't competitive. Cherish it when and while you can.

Influences/for fans of: previous Sly Cooper games, Mario, Batman, James Bond, classic 1980s-90s cartoons like Duck Tales or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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