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Default Re: Someone please explain why....

Originally Posted by Tatsumarushinob View Post
Not sure really. Maybe you can help think of something. Bruce Wayne has been known to play things pretty close to the chest Besides, if he really wanted to let Alfred know he was alright, he could have just told him without going to Italy. Although I can understand the dramatic way of letting him know he was alright, given Bruce Wayne's love of theatricality
Well that's just it, he made a big show out of it to give Alfred the closure he deserved. At that point Alfred would have been quite relieved by a simple letter from Bruce saying that he's still alive, even if he still intended to continue being Batman. But Bruce went the extra mile to show him he had moved on. If that was all a load of BS then that would really sour the earned emotion of that final encounter for me.

Originally Posted by Tatsumarushinob View Post
On side note, I think The Dark Knight Rises feels most like a Batman movie out all three films; while retaining the elements that made the first two films successful.
I actually agree with that. I know a lot of people put Begins in that slot, but for me too, Rises feels the most like a Batman film through and through. Which is ironic considering how little time he was in costume.

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