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Default Re: Discussion: The REPUBLICAN Party XIV

The more the government micro-manages business and the economy, the more incentive businesses have to lobby the government for favorable treatment.

You can't demand that government continually involve itself (and involve itself more and more) in the affairs of business and then tell the business they shouldn't try to get government to act favorably for their particular business or industry.

And as to that level of involvement, wiegeabo is spot on:

Why should they when we've made the marketplace so anti-competitive that it's far easier to just hold onto the money.
Lowering the tax rate is meaningless, anyway, if you're just going to pile on compliance costs with regulations and additional charges that eat into or devour any income resulting from a reduced tax liability.

A business owner might say, "So you've reduced my tax liability by $100,000, but it's going to cost me $100,000 to have a law firm review our business practices to make sure we're in compliance with new regulations stemming from Obamacare and Dodd-Frank AND to have that new equipment installed to make sure we're in compliance with EPA regs handed down since 2009."

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