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Default Re: The Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters: Official Discussion - Part 7

Originally Posted by Sephiroth1089 View Post
I'm not really impressed by this 3 pack. The stands look alright but everything else is pretty much just the same figure. I can't see my self spending 45+tax for things I already own. The cracked Batman mask is a nice touch. Can someone post a pic of it so I can see if its similar to the way that the mask was cracked in the movie?

I really like this set. I feel as though its a nice send off for the Dark Knight Trilogy Movie Masters line at the same time a thank you to fans/collectors that have been with the line since its inception.

After tax you are paying about $50 depending on the tax percentage for your city.

So for any collector that missed out on the Begins Batman and the Chase unmasked variant both from 2008 then this set is great!

you can probably snag the Begins Batman on ebay mint on card for say $32 and the unmasked variant mint on card for $50 thats over $80 bucks already. This set throws in a extra TDK figure with a cloth cape and bam! you get them all for $50.

Pretty good deal in my book and you even get stands and backdrops for each figure to display.

I do see your point on spending cash for something you already own. However as a Batman fan/collector i just had to have it. Its just a solid display piece.

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