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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
But to say Bruce found someone to fit his lifestyle...and he changed as soon as he came out of the Pit, it doesn't really make sense that Bruce still went with Selina even when he changed. Are we saying Selina changed as well and that's what Bruce saw in her and that's why they are both seen together at the end?
Pretty much. He longed for Rachel all three movies because she represented his pure happy childhood before the world faded away. It's not too subtle in that the Bruce Wayne who came out of the bat cave with his father was a different one. Especially when his parents died the next night. In the Pit he pulled himself up and gave up the Batman.

With Selina he found a kindred spirit that suited his personality far better than Rachel ever did because he wasn't idolizing her like Rachel. But look at how much more chemistry he has with her at the party than he ever did with Rachel, even though she stole from him and would again that night. Her lightness offsets his darkness. And she, like him, proved that she wanted to change and move on with her life when she took the clean slate and still came back to save him at the end of the movie.

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