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Originally Posted by echostation View Post
I agree. Sounds like total ****. Again. Would be nice to see as an elseworlds animated film. But **** that stupid lame **** otherwise
Why would you want to see an animated movie of something that you think is stupid lame ****?

Originally Posted by BH/HHH View Post
This one was just awful:
I agree that it looks awful in this photo, but this was clearly in the very early stage of fitting and designing the Superman costume, and Cage still had his long hair from the Con Air movie at that point. Attempting to judge what he would have looked like in the movie with this photo is not at all accurate.

This one was t so bad but he just doesn't look right:
This is Cage trying on the finished Superman costume, this is much closer to how he would look in the film, but the look is still not complete since he's not wearing his Superman wig and this was not a professional promotional picture of the finished look.

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