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Default Re: "Romeo & Juliet Return?": The Official Jean Grey/Cyclops Debate

I've never bought into the idea that Cyclops was not depicted properly on film just because he wasn't considered the lead for three films. Even in THE LAST STAND, he is fantastically portrayed in a limited role. Yes, he died in X3 when he should have had Logan's role at the end, but we all know there were political reasons for this, and I don't think that what was there wasn't fantastic anyway.

I think the reason FIRST CLASS didn't make as much money as previous X-films is twofold: One, Wolverine/Hugh Jackman wasn't a main player, and he's been a draw. Two, when FIRST CLASS was released it had been five years between X-Men films, with THE LAST STAND being released in 2006. This is compared to three years or so between films for X-MEN, X2 and THE LAST STAND. It has an impact on the public consciousness, and I'm sure FIRST CLASS looked a lot less familiar to audiences who had bought into the previous franchise, and at a time when there were more superhero movies in general being released, it probably seemed a little bit less "special" and unique to general audiences in context. A similar thing happened with THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. It made money, but it didn't make "sequel" money.

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