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Originally Posted by cryptic name View Post
I would like to see more use of the shuriken-like batarangs. Definitely need some smoke bomb action, and of course the grapple launcher. I would also like to see Batman use some simple equipment like lock picks. Not sure if the nightvision lenses built into the cowl would work in a movie, but I would like it considered. I also loved in Dark Knight that they had the cowl booby trapped, would love to see a different take on that.
I think the nightvision lenses would work, I'd also like the lenses to be able to scan objects, pull up information and things like that. Nothing that's in your face but something that's only visible to Batman.

Both the shuriken batarangs and the larger detonating ones would be fantastic. I need to see that one scene where a criminal has a gun aimed to the darkness, and suddenly a batarang spins from the shadows landing right on the barrel of his gun, followed by an explosion that disables the gun. I would also like to see gauntlet-controlled Batarangs, that continuously glide through the air knocking thugs out while Batman controls them from afar.
Originally Posted by Rodrigo90 View Post
Not just weapons in the utility belt, like in TDK, detective equipment as well.

The mini computer linking to the Batcomputer on his gauntlet like in the Ark ham games.
Yeah the mini computer would be awesome. I'd love it if he were able to hack things with it, like being able to shut down entire buildings and swoop in, scaring and taking everyone out using his stealth tactics. I also think his gloves should be able to stick to the side of buildings, like Ethan Hawke's in MI: Ghost Protocol.

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