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Also, Batman's cape needs to expand so he can glide through the air.

His cowl should be able to pick up radio frequencies for things like police scanners. The suit should have cybernetic enhancements to make Wayne stronger than he naturally is, which is already at a human's peak. The cybernetics should be low-key, and not obvious like Iron Man's. That way he seems more supernatural in the eyes of criminals. The fingertips on his gloves having istening devices like Terry's Batsuit in Batman Beyond did would be cool. You know the ones, where he held his fingers to surfaces and his cowl picked up the sounds on the other side of the surface.

Little objects like missiles he can take out and attach to his gauntlets(like he had in the Superman and Batman: Public enemies) would be cool too.

I also want to see more of Batman being able to manipulate bats using a sonic device. Filling a building up with bats, then raiding the place and swiftly taking out the alarmed criminals inside would be badass. Things like that really push the myth of him being a supernatural being forward, which is a good thing. As a matter of fact, depowering the electricity in a building to make it dark(followed by the backup generators illuminating everything with an eery red light), filling the place up with smoke bombs like fog, while also using the bats, would be the stuff of nightmares for any criminal involved.

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