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Default Re: Girl gone ROGUE Thread (ANNA PAQUIN's BACK!)

Originally Posted by PhoenixRogue View Post
I was thinking.
Seeing Wolverine ( Hugh ) always gets a big ass role in the X-Men francise I think he will be one of the two X-Men who will get send back to the past.
Who will be his compangion? I think and hope Rogue in stead of SKitty.
Why? Well the relationship between Wolverine and Rogue is great and if a pair has to be send back I think it should be Rogue with Wolverine.
Give Rogue a god damn big role this once please..

What do you guys think?
Id preffer Kitty alone. And if not her, Rogue alone.

to have Wolverine as the traveler or one of the travelers would generate even more hate to this franchise, from fans of the other x-men and haters.

So fingers crossed Singer wont use the "easy" route

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