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Default Re: Crazy Marvel Movies you want to see?

Originally Posted by blalex620 View Post
If anyone mistook IM for a romantic comedy they have no right watching superhero films anymore IMHO
Im not mistaking Iron Man for a romantic comedy, cause it is one. It just also happens to a superhero action movie. I mean much of the Iron Man series is about a smart-ass douchebag who spurns every love interest he ever had except for the attractive best friend right under his nose that he never saw as a romantic interest until it was possibly to late. Take out the action, sub in Mat McConaughey, and create a ****** poster where MM is leaning, and you got yourself a sure-fire date movie that every boyfriend in America is going to hate seeing.

Originally Posted by blalex620 View Post
Right. That was a rom com with superhero aspects Marvel films are not that not in the slightest
You're definition of "rom com" is very narrow. It seems you are only thinking of bad Matthew McConaughey style rom coms, which are rom coms but terribly generic in the same way most genres are over-populated with generic versions. More so than any other genre though, the actual genre name has become derisive, to the point when a rom com is actually good, it is rarely called one.

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