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Default Re: Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: Days of Future Past - Part 3

even If they keep him solely In future scenes Wolverine will be major character during that part of film.If they keep the cutting back and forth between times the final battle with sentinles may be Intercut with 1973 showdown between X-Men VS Brotherhood so the
scene that he gets killed If In film would probally be late In film If they go that route.

They aren't going to bring back Hugh Jackman and give him little to do.That would be like bring back Robert Downey JR for avengers sequel and giving him little to do(especilly since It will cost Disney a fortune to get him In Avengers sequel) and a big part of this Is getting X_Men films with both casts In film.

Bryan Is totally capable of having balance between Wolverine and other characters.In X2 as I keep pointing out Wolverine didn't help save the world he mostly was on his search for past during battle at stryker's base.We can argue that Cyclops was short changed but X2 wasn't just all about wolverine.Bryan was not Brett Ratner.Magneto was just as much the focus In first Class as Wolverine was In firsst 2 X-Men films.The avengers was In a lot of way focused on Tony Stark and Captain America.

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