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Default Re: "Romeo & Juliet Return?": The Official Jean Grey/Cyclops Debate

Originally Posted by The Guard View Post
I've never bought into the idea that Cyclops was not depicted properly on film just because he wasn't considered the lead for three films.
I don't think anyone here wanted Cyke to be the lead for three films, at least not in this discussion. To assume that would be to miss the point of people's problems with how Fox has set up their X-Men franchise.

There's a reason why the Avengers approach has and will continue to be brought up in comparison to X-Men it was the first time a superhero ensemble film treated most of their characters with a level of respect and focus. They could've easily made Iron Man the Wolverine of that film, but they didn't. And even though Iron Man got a lot of screentime and memorable lines, Joss Whedon smartly set up Hulk as a crowd pleasing character as well.

Originally Posted by The Guard View Post
Even in THE LAST STAND, he is fantastically portrayed in a limited role. Yes, he died in X3 when he should have had Logan's role at the end, but we all know there were political reasons for this, and I don't think that what was there wasn't fantastic anyway.
Anything that was satisfying about Scott in X3 is down to James Marsden. Even though he was clearly cast because he's supporting cast actor and nothing more, Marsden did play the part admirably. But that still dosen't change the fact that they crapped on Cyclops in X3. Not only did Logan take his role as JEan's lover, they had Storm take his role as Xavier's successor. And then, his death is pretty much undermined for the rest of the film.

If Marvel Studios handled the X-Films, Cyclops wouldn't be THE lead character...but then again, none of them would be, because if Marvel Studios had the X-Men, it would actually be an ENSEMBLE movie.

For me personally, I don't need for Scott to dominate all three movies, just respect his role in the X-Men mythology. He is the Field Leader of the X-Men, a tactical genius, and the successor to Charles Xavier who wields ungodly power and tries his best to contain it. Respect that, develop that as much as you can in an ensemble film. You can do profound and impressive things with a character in minutes or a single scene. Don't undermine Scott's role and basically portray him as nothing more than Logan's foil, or the guy that Jean dates because he provides security, but dosen't actually seem to love. Now, you may say all those aspects are in the original trilogy, but if they are, then they're developed poorly.

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