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Default Re: EVERYTHING Black Panther - Part 2

I think some of the politics is ingrained into the Black Panther character.

It adds to his contentious and distrustful relationship with the Avengers and explains why he maintains his skeptic, outsider status. The fact that the Avengers' noble heroics change an impassioned isolationist and anti-imperialist into willing team player speaks volumes about both the Avengers and Black Panther himself.

This doesn't suggest that Wakanda's attitude toward foreigners is unwarranted but that the Avengers' heroics go beyond the scope of geopolitics and BP is wise enough to recognize and respect that.

It would be a terrible waste if they neuter Black Panther of his idealized, African self-determination and justified self-reliance. I'd rather they not use him at all is it comes down to that.

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