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Default Re: The Amazing Spider-Man General Discussion - - - - - - Part 25

Can anyone explain why The Amazing Spider-Man is nominated for Best Fantasy for the Saturn Awards? Lol. FANTASY? The Avengers deserves more of a nom for Best Fantasy while it's nominated for Best Sci-Fi(which should be where TAS-M is nominated, if you want it to be...personally, I don't think it deserves any).

Originally Posted by SymbioticToxin View Post
I'm not fine with it, but I don't get as riled up about it as I used to.
I still get riled up to this day with Venom getting such a distasteful interpretation on film. I was this way as well when it came to my favorite Batman villain(Bane), but TDKR has fixed that for me.

And you're not always negative. Just of the time
I'll take it, especially since we are talking about TAS-M, lol.

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