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Default Re: Crazy Marvel Movies you want to see?

I guess it's just me then... I'd kill for a superhero version of "This Means War" via Hawkeye, Mockingbird and Ronin, or a superhero version of "Killers" with the Captains Marvel... or even a "The Bounty Hunter" storyline with Luke Cage and Jessica Jones.

And I dare anyone to make a good She-Hulk movie *without* it being a romantic comedy, ha!

Originally Posted by SlamAdams View Post
You're definition of "rom com" is very narrow. It seems you are only thinking of bad Matthew McConaughey style rom coms, which are rom coms but terribly generic in the same way most genres are over-populated with generic versions. More so than any other genre though, the actual genre name has become derisive, to the point when a rom com is actually good, it is rarely called one.
That's a really good point. While I would qualify Iron Man as a Romantic Comedy, since it's action and dramatic elements outweigh the comic and romantic elements, people tend to discount any movie with action as not a Rom Com... even if it's a comedy about romance. People also seem to forget that every Rom Com has a setting/background that's not about comedy. Superhero stuff is just another law firm/school/website/vacation/whatever.

And My Super Ex didn't seem to understand why people like superheroes or Rom Coms... ugh.

Edit: Speaking of She-Hulk, I'd love to see a courtroom drama with She-Hulk on one side and Matt Murdock on the other, I'm sure it's happened a few times in comics.

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