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Shock Re: Episode 14:The Odyssey- Rate & Review Thread

Originally Posted by bbf2 View Post
I find it truly baffling (in a good way) how they've made Slade Wilson into such a sympathetic and heroic character willing to make such incredibly noble sacrifices (with the landmine, and then also with the plane). No idea how they're going to turn him into a villain after all of that, should be fascinating.
My understanding is that Deathstroke is more of an anti-hero than a villain. While he was in the army, prior to taking up the super soldier stuff, he was a noble hero. Essentially he is a mercenary, although he does have his private vendettas. He's also far more popular with the fanbase than he was probably intended to be.

As such, think this is a great way to start him. An actor who people love, the character being bad-ass. There is going to be at least 5 years before he shows up in Starling city, so theres lots they can do with him. He may be a good sometimes, bad sometimes like the huntress, or they could do a slow build where it turns out to be a personal rivalry. Obviously he's an important part of the show going forward, wouldn't be surprised if he makes his present day entrance at the end of this season.

As for this episode, best one yet. Only thing they could have done to make it better was let Slade wear the mask for Deathstroke vs Deathstroke

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