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Default Re: What would you have done differently?

Originally Posted by Bim View Post
I would have made Obi-Wan a young jedi knight in TPM (maybe in his first real mission as a knight with his rebelious master Qui-Gon). Have Obi-Wan discover Anakin, and have him fight the Council to train Anakin.

Also, close the age gap a bit between Anakin and Padme. Maybe cast Hayden from the start, and have only one Anakin, giving him a chance to work with more than what he got.

That's a cool idea
all this . I myself, am a huge prequels fan. but these would have been perfect editions to the films. In regards to obi-wan, that would have added to the strength and power of the betrayal. and in regards to hayden in TPM. that would have been perfect. his performance in EP: III was leaps and bounds superior to his in EP: II. because he was given the time to age and mature. having him in EP: I would have made it that much more epic by EP: III.

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