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Default What love interests will Bruce Wayne/Batman have in the reboot?

It's bound to happen. We're undoubtably gonna get a romanantic lead during the new series of Batman films. Who do you want? Who do you expect?

We've already seen versions of just about all of the main ones like Catwoman,Talia,Vicki Vale and Julie Madison.Silver St Cloud is probably the most signifigant love interest of Bruce Wayne/Batman that hasn't appeared on screen. For some reason,I don't see them using her. Maybe because the name seems a little too comic booky so to speak.

Personally,I'd most like to eventually see the version of Talia from the 70's and 80' and not the vengeful nutjob she's become in the books first and maybe go down that route after a few films. Her being initially torn between her father and her "beloved" could make a great story on film.

Selina Kyle/Catwoman still has potential for another adaptation and Julie Madison could be worked into a noteworthy character as opposed to the much smaller role she had in Batman and Robin.

Most people it would seem would rather they focus simply on Bruce Wayne's playboy image and that's fine with me but I know the powers that be might do that for maybe one movie but inevitably Hollywood will demand a romantic female lead.

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