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Default Re: "Romeo & Juliet Return?": The Official Jean Grey/Cyclops Debate

Originally Posted by The Guard View Post
I don’t think THE AVENGERS “balanced” things quite as well as people think in comparison to the X-Men movies. AVENGERS just showed more action in general. Marvel absolutely used Iron Man as their “Wolverine”, in several respects. I think THE AVENGERS was far less subtle about how they portrayed their iconic characters, so it seems like they’re putting more of their characters in the film, but in reality, there’s not that much depth to what’s onscreen, or that much development of the characters compared to what’s found in X-Men. It’s actually fairly comparable to what we see in X-MEN, with the exception of a few nods to the characters solo film adventures in THE AVENGERS.

Frankly, I think Cyclops limited screentime in X3 is satisfying because of Marsden, the writing of the character, the effects team, and pretty much anyone involved.

Marsden was originally cast because Jim Caveziel and several other good up and coming actors essentially passed on the role. They were looking for people who could nail their parts and grow into them, who were good actors, not just “supporting cast actors”.

Heck, Hugh Jackman was a relative nobody when he was cast as Wolverine, not a “film leading man”.

And nothing ever will.

But the fact that they crapped on Cyclops in X3 doesn’t mean they crapped on him in two or three other films. There seems to be this attitude that because he was crapped on in X3 that he magically retroactively got crapped on in every movie. That’s just not true.

In the comics, when Cyclops has quit, is dead or is missing, guess what has happened?

Logan and Jean have occasionally had a romance/intrigue between them.

And Storm takes more responsibility as a leader. This has been repeated through various versions of the X-Men mythology for decades.

Of the remaining X-Men in THE LAST STAND, if Scott was unable to do so, then Storm was the most logical choice to take on Xavier’s role, along with Logan, based on what the franchise had showed in two previous films. They didn’t just “give them Cyclops’ role”, they showed the logical progression of those characters based on the source material.

The X-Men films ARE ensemble movies. Wolverine has a slightly larger role than the others, but that’s partially because he’s been the audience identification character from Day One. The same can be said of Rogue.

And for the most part, they did. They did not in X3, though his role was acknowledged. It was an enormous weakness of that film/adaption. It does not invalidate the entire portrayal of Cyclops up to that point.

And that’s pretty much what he had been up until X3.

And they did. Until X3, and even during his limited time in X3.

The only reason people insist on seeing Scott as just Logan’s foil is because people insist on only seeing him that way.

That’s not the reality of whats onscreen.

I never saw Scott as “just Logan’s foil”. Any more than I saw Xavier as “just Logan’s mentor” or Storm as “Just the girl who kicks Logan in the pants now and then”. The nature of Scott’s character was very clear on film.

Where on Earth do you get the idea that Jean doesn't actually love Scott?
I love this post completely and utterly. Although I'd argue that The Avengers although it didn't develop it's characters as much, it did give each and very character plenty of room to shine and gave each a moment where audiences learned something that they didn't know before about the characters that is more than can be said for the X-movies.

You're right about Scott though, all he had was little screentime but apart from that he had the most accurate portrayal. Cyclops didn't become as interesting until very recently before then he was just the field leader that had an on and off rivalry with Logan and was in love with Jean. The films portrayed that perfectly they just didn't flesh the character out enough.

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