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Default Re: The ‘Batman’ Casting Thread

Originally Posted by Frodo View Post
While I would be open to seeing a different take on the characters , including race , I can understand those who would want to maintain the establish general look of certain characters. You're arguement is actually the arguement I've been waiting to see on ths board ,because its the strongest position and makes the most sense imo.

The other arguements i've seen for not having Fishburne as Perry or a woman as Jimmy for example, usually fall apart often imo because they're based on weak foundations and overly complicated explanations.
Does anyone remember if there was any fallout or comments about Billy Dee Williams being Harvey Dent in Batman 89?

I never really hear anything about it, but it's interesting because it would seem like people would have been up in arms about it.

Also (although that version never made it to the screen) Marlon Wayons was actually cast as Robin before Joel took over for Burton.....

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