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Default Re: Do you think Fox will/should make a Silver Surfer film?

Originally Posted by YoungPrime View Post
OBJECTION! This is clearly speculation...LOL

Even with the rights being scattered all over the place, there's only been an average of 3 Marvel films a year.

Lets ask FOX if Hell's Kitchen (Daredevil) and placing things on back burners (not meeting the deadline with 7 years time) have anything in common since this strategy was just as ridiculous when Millar tried preaching it.

FOX barely does one Marvel film a year with more than half of the films they've spoke of in development hell or reverted back to Marvel. Sony made 2 films last year but one (Ghost Rider) was so horrible that no one really remembers it or bothered to see it. And Amazing Spider-man has the lowest US box office numbers of any Spider-man film under Sony to date.

Whereas Marvel Studios clearly breaks down what they're going to do and despite some issues they actually see them all through with great payoff!

Now just because Feige confirm on giving us 2 films a year.... an amount that's still 2 thirds of the Marvel films we get per year anyway, mind you. Doesn't mean that the number is etched in stone.

If Marvel's success continues and there were to get the rights back from say... FOX. Then I see no reason why they wouldn't be able to up the ante to 3 a year, which again is the current average.

It insults readers intelligence to sit here and use FOX (where's Magneto, Surfer and Dead pool?) and Sony's (Where's Venom?) bad business practices on Marvel films to speculate on what Marvel Studios might do if they had those rights. Especially when when none of there actions have been nearly as bad.
I wish I could share your optimism that Marvel would ramp up production to at least three films per year if they got all their properties back. Most of us were expecting a bigger film slate when The House of Mouse took them under their mantle and threw wads of cash at them, but that never changed their production schedule.

And the fact that you use Magneto, Surfer, Deadpool and Venom solo movies as a reference serves to reinforce that fact --- even if Marvel went to three a year, solo projects like those you mentioned are the ones that are likely to be backburnered by mainstays like Spidey, Iron Man and Wolverine.


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